ELEX Commerce - History




ELEX is a small enterprise registered in Serbia in 1991. Initially, the primary business of the company was wholesale (import and export) and engineering. During the 90’s ELEX established a close collaboration with the team of constructors of the TESLA Accelerator Installation in Belgrade. Subsequently, in 2001 ELEX entered the field of cyclotron target design and in 2002 the first innovative, multipurpose and cross-platform compact solid target irradiation system (COSTIS) was launched.

Since then, ELEX participated in a number of challenging projects in the field of radionuclide production. Many new products have been released either as a result of internal R&D, or in a close collaboration with our partners.

Nowadays, the primary business of ELEX is design and construction of cyclotron targets, automated radiochemistry modules, dedicated in-cell equipment for the production of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals, training of end users and consulting.