ELEX Commerce - Product:COSTIS Model TS02




Part No. TS02-

COSTIS (COmpact Solid Target Irradiation System) has been specifically developed for production of 124I, as most of small cyclotrons are suitable for its production via the 124Te(p, n)124I nuclear reaction. The target station has been designed in such a way, that it can be connected to virtually any existing cyclotron using internal beams for irradiation. Using custom-made flanges, it can be also connected to any external beam line. Most importantly, the same target station can be used for production of many other radioisotopes.

COSTIS is designed for irradiation of sensitive materials like TeO2, requiring helium cooling at the target's front side. The target materials should be deposited in a groove on a Ø24×2 mm2 metallic target disk. The disks are inserted manually into the target station. However, they are locked and released remotely via pneumatic actuators. After the irradiation the target disk falls into a transport container conveniently placed bellow the target station.

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