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Part No. AC01-

ACEMO ([11C]ACEtate synthesis MOdule) is an innovative and fully GMP compliant [11C]acetate synthesizer. The automated module can be connected to any available 11CO2 cyclotron target and it consists of four main components:

  • fluid processing module,
  • disposable sterile kit,
  • industrial-standard control-unit, and
  • computer based user interface.

 [11C]CO2 produced by a cyclotron is trapped at room temperature on a molecular sieve trap inside the synthesizer, avoiding the need for liquid nitrogen or argon. The synthesizer releases [11C]CO2 into the reaction loop having its internal surface covered by thin layer of methyl magnesium chloride. The radiolabeling reaction is instant under these conditions and immediately after the end of [11C]CO2 release the intermediate crude radiolabeling mixture is hydrolyzed by excessive amount of water for injections and purified by means of solid-phase extraction cartridges. [11C]Acetate is retained by an anion exchange cartridge. The final formulation of the radiotracer is performed directly into the injection vial by detaching [11C]acetate by sterile physiologic saline solution and passing it through the 0.22 μm sterilizing filter. All components of the synthesizer which are in contact with the final product are made of disposable sterile materials.

ACEMO can be also used for the production of Na18F by installing a different kit. This version is available as ACEMO-F.

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