ELEX Commerce - Product:KAMADHENU




Part No. KA01-

KAMADHENU (in Hindu mythology kama-dhenu, 'wish-cow', was a miraculous cow of plenty who could give her owner whatever he desired) is an automated electrochemical 90Sr/90Y generator suitable for daily milking of 90Y in the form of radiochemical grade solution.

KAMADHENU consists of five main components:

  • fluid processing electrochemistry module,
  • 90Sr stock reservoir,
  • industrial-standard control-unit,
  • programmable power supply for the electrolysis, and
  • computer based user interface.

The module will provide a product in the form of 0.05 M HCl solution containing 90YCl  of radiochemical grade containing les then 20 ppm 90Sr (typically < 1 ppm). The total activity of the product will depend on the 90Sr inventory in the stock reservoir, on the volume of the stock solution used for the milking, the frequency of milking, the time used for electrolysis (in the primary and refining steps) and on the conditions used for recovering yttrium from the platinum wire electrode. All these (and many more parameters) can be customized by the end user, in order to fine tune the process according to the local needs and available strontium inventory. Typically, one should have on the platinum wire electrode about 90% of 90Y loaded into the electrochemical cell at the beginning of the milking process. About 90% of this activity should be recovered from the electrode and transferred into the product vial.

Product Lifecycle