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HighMOR Model HM01

Part No. HM01-D-00000

HighMOR (High efficiency MOdule for Radioiodine production) provides the user the possibility to produce iodine radionuclides from irradiated TeO2. The module has been particularly optimized for the production of 124I from irradiated 124TeO2 targets; however it is suitable for the production of 120I and 123I from 120TeO2 and 123TeO2, respectively. The end product, alkaline solution of radioiodines, can be used for production of a number of radiopharmaceuticals for PET or SPECT diagnostic procedures.

HighMOR model HM01 is a module (device) suitable for the release and trapping of radionuclides of iodine from proton irradiated TeO2 embedded in ∅24×2 or ∅24×1.5 mm platinum or iridium target disks. The module comprises of two main systems: 1) the radiochemical processing module installed in an appropriate hotcell, and 2) the control box with the control system and the notebook computer with the graphical user interface installed outside the hotcell.

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