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HighPIT Model PI01

Part No. PI-A-0000

HighPIT is a multi-purpose high power solid target station suitable for the irradiation of sensitive target materials with high currents. It is suitable for installation onto standard beam transport lines. The target is slanted towards the beam, which strikes the surface at a glancing angle of 50º. The effective area of the target, which is exposed to the beam, has a dimension of 24×36 mm2 (H×W), while the target plate has a dimension of 34×46×2 mm3 (H×W×D). Such target geometry requires a collimated beam having 18.5 mm height and being 36 mm wide with a Gaussian beam density distribution.

The irradiation chamber is separated from the beam transport line with a grid-supported aluminum window foil. This means that there is no need for a gate valve in front of the target station at the end of the beam line for replacing the target and there is no need for a roughing pump to pre-evacuate the irradiation chamber. Moreover, the window foil and the front face of the target are additionally cooled by a stream of helium.

The target station can be used for the irradiation of TeO2 based targets for 123I and 124I production, as well as for the irradiation of any other solid target, e.g. electroplated targets for the production of 201Tl, 111In, 67Ga, 64Cu, 89Zr, etc.

The target station is capable for loading/unloading the target into the irradiation position from a transport container. In addition, it can be combined with a standard industrial pneumatic target transport system (rabbit transfer system).

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