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Nirta Plating System

Part No. CU02-D-C0000

The purpose of the Nirta Plating System is to prepare thin metal deposits on metal backings by electroplating (preparation of electroplated targets) for irradiation in target stations in order to produce certain radionuclides. The set-up allows for simultaneous multi-target plating (up to four targets can be prepared in a batch) in an appropriate cylindrical electroplating vessel.

The symmetrical target arrangement on the cylindrical vessel and the built-in stirrer assure homogeneous electrical field on the cathode surface and prevent local concentration (i.e. local concentration polarizations of the electro-active species), which results in inhomogeneous layers and creation of undesired dendrite-like structures.

The plating system is part of the complete radio-metal production platform consisting of the following sub-systems: 1) plating system for target preparation; 2) target station for target irradiation; 3) irradiated target transfer system; 4) radiochemical processing module for dissolving the irradiated targets and for the separation and purification of radionuclides; and 5) the enriched target material recycling system.

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