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Synthera® loader - prototype

Part No. SY02-D-00000

The Synthera® loader is an optional auxiliary set, which one can install onto the Synthera® at any time. One can get it factory preinstalled on the module, or it can be purchased later on and installed in the field by a service engineer. The required infrastructure for the installation and the related software support is available in every Synthera® module already at the time of delivery (second generation Synthera® and onwards).

The loader allows the user to set up four IFPs before the first synthesis starts, enabling the operator to perform four consecutive batches of products without the need to open the hot cell for inserting the new IFP. Moreover, one can combine different types of IFPs, so that different products can be synthetized one after the other.

The loader provides the following advantages:

  1. The operators receive lower radiation doses, since there is no need to open the hot cell immediately after the previous synthesis.
  2. The delay between two consecutive syntheses is significantly shorter, since there is no need to wait for recovering the class C environment in the hot cell after its opening.

The Synthera® loader is patent pending: for more information see the patent application EP16193281.

The Synthera® loader is exclusively made by ELEX for IBA SA. If you are interested, please contact the marketing department of IBA SA.

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