ELEX Commerce - Product:Pinctada Radiometal Processing Module, Model MP03



Pinctada Radiometal Processing Module, Model MP03

Part No. MP03-D-00000

The completely redesigned Pinctada Radiometal Processing Module Model MP03 provides the user the possibility to produce highly purified radiometals from irradiated deposits on chemically inert backings (targets). The module has been particularly optimized for the production of 64Cu from irradiated 64Ni targets and 89Zr from natural yttrium targets; however it is suitable for the separation of other radionuclides from the corresponding irradiated target matrix.

The new Model MP03 has a number of improvement as compared to the previous CU02 model:

  • There is a built-in level sensor next to the Poly-Prep column, thus the chromatographic separation process can be performed without operator intervention.
  • Instead of the Poly-Prep columns, the system can be operated by using cartridges, which is particularly useful for the production of 89Zr.
  • There is a possibility to change the sensitivity of the radiation detectors by using tungsten collimators of variable aperture.
  • The target dissolution block can be customized at the time of order: it can handle small circular Ø24 mm targets as well as large target plates up to 24×84 mm.
  • At last, but not at least, the system has a completely new powerful control system, based on a graphical sequence editor (Squeed).

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