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ELEX was awarded the title “International Champion 2012”

Every year DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission issues a brochure called the Secret of Success, featuring inspiring entrepreneurs. This year the theme of the brochure was “European SMEs as International Champions” and included ELEX as the representative of Serbia.

Mon Oct 15 2012

“…This year’s selection process was very difficult as we received an overwhelming number of nominations, all of which included great success stories of international champions. Congratulations for being one of our international champions profiled in the Secret of Success brochure 2012!” wrote Joanna Drake, director in DG of the EC, in her letter to ELEX.

The brochure was prominently featured during European SME Week (ESW), which taken place from October 15-21, 2012, as a pan-European campaign organized by the European Commission in close co-operation with 37 participating countries. Over 500 participants, coming from all European countries, took part in that spectacular event.

The whole brochure is available for download from the web.