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ELEX and ITD signed a supply contract

The long term collaboration between ELEX and ITD, Dresden, Germany (formerly a branch of HWM GmbH) resulted today in signing a contract related to the supply of products by ELEX to ITD.

Mon Jul 26 2010

ELEX and HWM GmbH started the collaboration in 2005 with the development of TERIMO (TEllurium oxide based RadioIodine production MOdule), an automated module for the production of radionuclides I-123 and I-124. Since then, the collaboration has been extended to development of several new devices. After the insolvency of HWM GmbH, the branch company in Dresden was re-established under the new name Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH (shortly ITD). The already existing good relations between the two companies were emphasized with this contract, reassuring the continuity in the collaboration.