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ELEX got a new visual identity

By launching its redesigned web presentation, ELEX is today presenting its new visual identity. The new web presentation is however, much more than a new visual experience: the new site is fully user oriented, providing exhaustive information about our products and provides a platform for downloading product related documents for registered users.

Sun Jul 06 2014

Our new visual identity is based on lively colors, symbolizing the new life of the company it started recently. The new identity required a new and different platform for our web presentation. It is now fully user oriented and it supports all kinds of browsers; no matter whether you are accessing the site from a desktop or a mobile device. Browsing through our web site you will find a number of interesting facts about ELEX, but the site is now focused on our products. Plentiful information is available to anonymous guests visiting the site; however there are many more documents available to registered users for download.

If you want to get a username and password for accessing the restricted content please contact us, though access will be granted only to qualified employees of our partner companies and to owners of equipment manufactured by ELEX. In order to make use of your credentials, click on the word "Guest" on the top right corner of the window and type in your username and password. You will note that wile browsing through our products there will be new menu items under the heading "Downloads", providing you access to documents you are entitled. Please, change your password immediately, in order to ensure your privacy. We highly reccommend changing your password regularly; by this your are ensuring not only your privacy, but also the integrity of our site. If you forget your password - we cannot recover it for you (this is part of our data integrity policy); you will have to request a new username and password.

We hope you will enjoy our new visual identity and our new web site. We would certainly like to hear your comments; please, let us hear your voice!