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New products in our portfolio

This summer was very exciting for us: we launched two new products, and we hope that our users will enjoy the new features built into them.

Mon Jul 22 2019

By the end of June we delivered the prototype of the completely re-designed one-way pneumatic target transfer system, Model PT02. As compared to the previous version (Model PT01), the new system is significantly smaller, which will be welcomed in the shielding vault of cyclotrons, as less valuable space will be occupied by our system. The robotic capsule handling station is now so small, that it can be installed right on the cyclotron, below the sold target irradiation station. You can get more information if you visit the corresponding product page on our web site.

At the beginning of July we delivered the prototype of the re-designed Pinctada Radiometal Production System. The new model has a number of new features, which will make the life of operators much easier: the most important novelties are that one can now run the production process completely unattended, and the control system has got a new, powerful graphical based sequence editor, which makes programming the operation of the module as simple as it gets. Follow this link to learn more about the all-new Pinctada.